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Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet-New Products Pushed by SYSBEL

Release Date:2017-09-21
                    SYSBEL Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets are made of chemically resistance,8mmpolypropylene(PP)panels for the storage of corrosive substance.
       The cabinets are divided into two parts for different substances,which make good use of storage space.The drawers set on the cabinets can be used as temporary consoles
        and keep MADS.Fully welded,liquid-tight 150mm sump contains accidental spills and is compliant to the requirement of AS 3780-2008.
                     1.Constructed of 8mm polypropylene(PP) panels, offering superior protection against harsh acid, alkali and corrosion.
                     2.Adjustable and reversible shelves meet diverse choices of users.
                     3.Formed with bent plates to make it stable and prevent from being out of shape.
                     4.Adopted simple drawers for temporary operation and MSDS storage.
                     5.Poly hinges and embedded door handles means there are no metal parts to corrode.
                     6.Divided into two parts to store different chemicals, making good use of storage space.
                     7.Provided with independent vents which can be connected with exhaust systems.
                     8.Fully welded, liquid-tight 150mm sump contains accidental spills and has certification with AS 3780.
                     9.Door hasp accepts padlock to achieve double locks for security against unauthorized use.
                    10.Equipped with adjustable steel leg levelers on all four corners to keep the cabinet level.
                       As a professional manufacturer of chemical storage cabinetsoil containment drum spill control palletsemengercy portable eye wash stationSYSBEL have
                 provide many safety products,include gas cylinder storage cabinetsspill containment pallet、 corrosive substancestorage cabinetsafety storage cabinets
                 chemical storage cabinetsflammable liquid storagehazardous storage cabinetslaboratory safety cabinetsspill preventionspill containment、secondary
                 containment、spill containment kits、 spill control kitseye wash stationsafety showereye wash solutionemengercy portable eye wash station and so on. 
                      Our safety products are widely used in automotive manufacturing, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, laboratory, food industry, power industry, new energy
                 and other fields. We have been recognized by customers with good performance and high quality service .

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