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SYSBEL "Cylinder Cabinet" + "Safety Cabinet" successfully settled in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Release Date:2017-09-21
     Recently, domestic colleges and universities laboratory frequent accidents, the security situation can not be ignored. January 10, 2016 at noon Beijing University of Science and Technology Building, a laboratory suddenly caught fire, fortunately no casualties. September 21, 2016, located in the Songjiang University campus of the Donghua University School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering Laboratory explosion, two students were seriously injured, a student minor injuries March 27, 2017 evening, Fudan University, an experiment Room explosion, a student hand was injured ... from these accidents we can see in recent years, frequent laboratory safety accidents, in the course of the experiment will inevitably have to contact some flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, corrosive items , The occurrence of these accidents often bring us serious personal injury and property damage. If even the industry have specialized work related to the staff can not avoid the accident occurred, then how should we solve the dangerous chemicals safety worries? How can an emergency be reduced to minimize the damage and loss?
     September 2016 "Shanghai Jiaotong University to improve the current laboratory project on the dangerous goods cabinet procurement and installation project" (package one: organic solvent cabinet (fire safety cabinet) + cylinder cabinet) tender, SYSBEL as a professional production and Research and development of fire safety equipment company, is also the first domestic access to the United States FM certification of enterprises, the success of the Shanghai Jiaotong University laboratory improvement project successful enterprises. And in June 2017 completed for the Shanghai Jiaotong University laboratory project hazardous safety cabinets and cylinder cabinet project transfer. Shanghai Jiaotong University has been building the school's chemical safety system in the first place, Shanghai Jiaotong University hope that through the project to enhance the level of laboratory safety management, and the establishment of school safety management of long-term mechanism, all kinds of hidden dangers in the bud 
Let us look at the current Jiaotong University laboratory safety storage status:
      SYSBEL Safety Cabinet is used for the storage of flammable liquids, chemicals, combustibles, toxic substances and pesticides, etc. It is widely used in the workshop of the factory, hospitals or laboratories in universities.The application industries include Oil, Gas, Power, Chemicals, Firefighting, Automobile, Laboratories, Electronics, Warehouse, Telecommunications, Marine, Cosmetics and Food, etc.

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