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SYSBEL "Cylinder Cabinet" + "Safety Cabinet" successfully settled in Shanghai Jiaotong Univer

Recently, domestic colleges and universities laboratory frequent accidents, the security situation can not be ignored. January 10, 2016 at noon Beijing University of Science and Technology Building, a laboratory suddenly caught fire, fortun...

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The Emergency Eyewash Station For Cancer Centre In New Wing

The emergencyeyewash station is a new requirement and does not exist in the current cancer centre location.The need to use the portableeyewash is expected to be rareonly in an emergency situation to wash off hazardous materials, said James...

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Safety Storage Cabinets--SYSBEL

Shanghai SYSBEL, adhering to innovation, is known as one of the leading safety storage cabinets manufacturers and suppliers. Offering you competitive price, welcome to buy the quality and highly effective products for sale with us. Safety C...

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SYSBEL Safety Cabinets Reduce the Incidence of Laboratory Events

Chemical laboratory is a dangerous place, danger is like your shadow and you was like rabbits. Chemical laboratory safety events emerge in endlessly, the chemical laboratory of unsafe factors have? Firstly,explosion Some reagents or the fla...

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SYSBEL successfully attends the 94th China International Occupational Safety﹠Health Goods

SYSBEL successfully attends the 94th China International Occupational Safety﹠Health Goods. As a professional manufacturer of chemical storage cabinets , oil containment drum spill control pallets 、emengercy portable eye wash station,...

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Details & Contrast of Spill Containment Pallets

Spillandleakagerisksaremajorsourcesofhiddendangerintheworkplace. SYSBEL SpillPrevention,ContainmentControlseries,helpyoutokeepthestorageenvironmentofoilyandchemicaldrumsclean,toeffectivelypreventandcontrolpossibleliquidsplashes,spillsorpoll...

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1. ASSESS THE RISK From the moment a spill occurs and throughout the response effort, determine the risks that may affect human health, the environment, and property. If possible, identify the spilled material and determine how much has spi...

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